The History of SeaVid

A magical Mediterranean cruise with Royal Viking Line (alas, no longer operating) inspired SeaVid founder Devon Ericson to create a company that would involve cruising.  Tapping her experience as a film and television actress, Ericson created SeaVid, the first company to bring video to the cruise industry.

At first, the focus was on the passenger experience, as SeaVid produced custom videos of every cruise aboard Sitmar’s Fairsky, Fairwind, and Fairsea.  The concept expanded to many other cruise lines and evolved to include a video showcase for cruise lines’ shore excursions.

With over 30 years of experience in videotaping shoreside tours and activities around the world, SeaVid is an unequalled repository of the cruise experience.  We’ve been there as the cruise industry developed from niche market to global vacation juggernaut.  It’s been quite a ride, and over the decades our talented “SeaVideans” have sailed the seven seas (literally) to capture the excitement of exploration, discovery, and - yes- magic of an ocean voyage.